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The thought of replacing an ATM system, either in part or in full, can be daunting. We help guide ANSPs through this process, making sure that the right jobs are being done at the right time to achieve a safe, acceptable, on-time and on-budget implementation.

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Simulation is a capability at the core of our services. It allows you to test new concepts, systems or operators in a realistic way without using your actual platform or compromising operational safety

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In today’s digital ATM environment one of the most useful tools in understanding your ATM Operations is Analytics.  Through the use of advanced analytical methods Think can help airport and ATM stakeholders make better decisions.

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case studies


Defining, maturing and validating new concepts and systems.

Remote Tower

The technical feasibility of providing Air Traffic to a location other than the aerodrome had been proven as technically feasible in the late 2000s.  As part of the SESAR Development programme a consortium of European partners were tasked with creating a brand new operational concept and maturing it to a point where it could be implemented. 


Helping you implement new concepts and systems in your environment.

Initial Safety Case for Dual Runway

Our client – a large airport with operating under High Intensity Runway Operations on a single runway – wished to investigate the feasibility of dual runway operations prior to making any formal planning or implementation decisions.  Critical to the feasibility of dual runway operations was the safety case for dual runway operations. 


Using real world data to understand and optimise operations.

Independent advice on a future European Airspace architecture Study

The European Parliament requested the European Commission to conduct a study on the Single European Sky (SES) airspace architecture and more specifically, how changes to the existing airspace architecture could support implementation of the Single European Sky. The European Commission delegated the delivery of the airspace architecture study (AAS) to the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU).

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