The SESAR R&D programme has provided the principal mechanism to drive advancement towards a connected and digitalised European ATM system since 2005. This Summer, the final review meetings took place for SESAR 2020 Waves 2 & 3 (ending the 2nd iteration of the initiative), which had been active from 2019 and remained so during the pandemic.

From the Definition Phase of SESAR 1, we have maintained prominence across the programme’s solution and strategic levels, continually maturing and diversifying the contributions that we offer. As a team of experts from varied disciplines, we utilise programmes such as SESAR to provide opportunities for us to further develop our capabilities and gain exposure to concepts emerging in the industry.

By participating in early stages of R&D for key concepts (on behalf of SESAR partners), we can offer that direct experience when ANSPs and airports then consider deployment in coming years and have a need for informed external support.


“Think delivered excellent support for the recent SESAR validation of Pairwise separation on approach. Against the backdrop of

an incredibly tight deadline, Think staff were instrumental in supporting NATS in turning around the necessary SESAR reporting

documentation in record time, ensuring that we were able to fulfil our SESAR obligations on time and to a high standard”



At Think we have directly contributed to a total of 67 SESAR solutions and strategic tasks across all of our clients. This extends to a massive 155 solution deliverables, not accounting for the validation exercises and modelling processes that we were responsible for coordinating or supporting.

In SESAR 2020 Waves 2 & 3 alone (2019-2023), we have been contracted to support 26 solutions in achieving their target concept maturity level, more than double Think’s support to Wave 1 solutions (2016–2019). This is in parallel with the implementation side of our business, which is largely made up of contracts where we are supporting the delivery of key SESAR 1 solutions (e.g. TBS, remote tower) into live operations worldwide.


A full timeline of Think’s activity in SESAR is presented on our website:

 As our reputation among SESAR partners has flourished, we have become well known as a safe pair of hands for producing deliverables or elevating them to a higher quality than what can often be achieved internally or by our competitors – and in shorter timescales.

While in previous waves we have focussed our support on the core competencies that we are best known for (validation and concept development), we have since leveraged opportunities to extend our capabilities to the wider SESAR data pack and associated background processes. During Waves 2 and 3, we have broadened our scope to conduct human performance assessments (15 HPARs), KPA assessments (9 PARs), and define technical specifications (5 TS IRS’). These deliverables are tied together through systems engineering models and traceability maps, which we also were able to take responsibility for; on behalf of some of our clients.


“It was a real pleasure collaborating with Think that brings along a young and dynamic energy to the table!

Incredibly flexible, pro-active and ready to adapt to ensure the best outcome is provided.

I look forward to working with Think again.” – EUROCONTROL


On the strategic level, we co-authored the SESAR Airspace Architecture Study and helped to define the SESAR 3 Communications Strategy. Finally, we have continued to expand our presence in the SESAR community, attending the most recent SESAR Innovation Days event in Budapest. All these efforts contribute to greater confidence in Think as a provider of experience, expertise and fresh approaches.

Of course, we don’t intend to let this growth plateau as SESAR 3 gets fully underway in the next few months. We’ll be utilising our enhanced competencies and larger pool of experienced consultants to provide more comprehensive support to our existing clients, as well as offering key insights to new entrants to the programme.

The focus areas of SESAR 3 and associated projects that have received funding from the European Commission are exciting. We look forward to being a part of maturing these innovative solutions and driving change within the industry.

For specific details on each of our previous contributions, please explore our interactive Project Tree ‘

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