With aviation growth occurring across the world, airports are coming under increased pressure to optimise their operational performance in all areas to ensure that runway capacity is maximised, there are plenty of available stands, that passenger and baggage processing is quick and efficient and that airspace is not acting as a constraint on traffic. This requires a strong operational focus on capacity and efficiency.


What can we do to help?

We are world leaders in airport and airspace capacity assessment and optimisation. Unlike some companies who invest in an expensive simulation tool and see every capacity challenge as something that needs to be simulated, we take a more nuanced approach to provide you with better value. We have a range of approaches to suit the smallest to the largest airports ranging from operational audits, through our own proprietary RAPID modelling tool to state of the art fast time simulation tools. We always look to the most appropriate and cost effective approach to your needs. Our work does not end with running a model, we believe it is essential that the outputs of capacity assessment leads to actionable insight for the client – from the way we present our results to the recommendations we make you will find our approach of much greater value.

Our team can:

  • Provide international specialists to support your airport and ATM capacity assessments.
  • Deploy a range of tools tailored to airport size.
  • Undertake world leading analytics for congested airports having worked in detail on TBS, RECAT and wake concepts.
  • Utilise our own proprietary model, RAPID, for fast assessment of runway capacity taking into consideration the benefits of new SESAR concepts.
  • Provide full airspace, airfield and terminal (baggage and pax) fast time simulation capabilities using industry standard tools (AirTOp and ArcPORT). 

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