Last month, we joined together with other key industry representatives at the annual SESAR Innovation Days in sunny Seville. With all SESAR partners building momentum in a brand-new wave of projects, it was perfect timing for us to jump into conversations with long-term and emerging participants to understand everyone’s priorities and constraints in delivering on their R&D commitments.

The event also showcased the most promising concepts that are coming through the Exploratory Research pipeline and will need to be matured for deployment over the coming years.

As pressure on operations begins to mount again from both a capacity and sustainability perspective, it is important that partners maximise the value of their SESAR involvement and apply their resources in the most impactful way to gain the benefits they require. We are already initiating our SESAR 3 support to aid in delivering this outcome for our clients across Europe.

For more details on our long-standing involvement in SESAR and our contributions over the years, check out: