Think have been instrumental to the development of the Remote and Digital Towers concept from our first involvement over 13 years ago. Our contribution first started in SESAR where we authored the first widely accepted Remote and Digital Towers concept, and since then we have worked on projects across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Australasia, North America and South America, offering our expertise in:



Elizabet Pavlova is one of Think’s team of Digital Tower specialists. She was appointed as a co-chair of the CANSO Digital Transformation Workgroup, overseeing the Smart Digital Tower Focus Area (SDT FA) and is heavily involved, together with the other members of the group, in shaping the future of Remote and Digital Towers and in formulating and updating the guidance materials.

Elizabet supported the development of the CANSO Remote and Digital Towers Guidance Material in 2020, which the was the first edition in the series of material produced to provide ANSPs with an introduction to the concept, learnings from existing case studies and a detailed decision-making process involved throughout the implementation of the concept.

Due to the fact that the concept has been evolving significantly over the last three years, with new knowledge and experience being gained, this guidance material has been recently updated to reflect these advancements and provide further information for the global ATM community.

Check out Elizabet’s blog reflecting on the updates made to the 2nd edition of the Remote and Digital Tower Guidance Material, and a link to download the full published version: