This month, we took part in the first ‘Sustainable Future Aviation Symposium’ at Coventry University alongside aircraft manufacturers, UAM, airport and airline industry players. With sustainability a clear priority for the aviation industry, it was a perfect opportunity to give a deeper understanding to future industry leaders studying Aviation Management, Aeronautical Engineering and Human Factors in Aviation. This event showcased how various sectors within aviation are leading the way on industry decarbonisation, and as a leading ATM and Airports consultancy, we showcased the important work being undertaken by ANSPs and the wider ATM industry.

Think consultant Joe Wildman, gave the students a detailed insight into areas of sustainability that we play a leading role in, including how the CANSO GreenATM Accreditation Programme is creating new Governance structures to make ANSPs accountable for their direct and indirect emissions. Through his experience in assessing ANSP submissions to GreenATM, Joe demonstrated the key benefits of environmental accreditation for ANSPs, and how the programme is designed to encourage best practice sharing. He argued that carbon reduction methods are most effective when shared widely amongst ANSPs.

Joe also encouraged students to take a critical view of how the industry is progressing towards ‘Net Zero by 2050’. With other sectors of aviation struggling to scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), achieving more efficient and sustainable air traffic operations is more important than ever. It was great to see how engaged the next generation of aviation professionals were with the challenges we are facing as an industry and as a team we look forward to solving some of these environmental challenges for our clients.