What is validation? 

Essentially, validation answers the following question:

Validation Questions Process


In order to answer this question, a validation process is built, often in parallel to concept development or implementation.  Validation is different to verification, which is focussed on establishing a concept’s conformance to its specification. 


Verification- Are we building the system right
Validation-  Are we building the right system?


Think were pivotal in developing a validation methodology to assess and mature ATM concepts through the creation of the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM).  The E-OCVM is now the standard reference document when conducting validation within the ATM industry and is also the backbone of the SESAR research programme. 

The definition of Validation from the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology is:

“The iterative process by which the fitness-for-purpose of a new system or operational concept being developed is established


Validation is not just something that is performed towards the end of a project.  It is a process that is incorporated throughout a concept’s entire lifecycle from when you are still trying to understand your ATM performance needs all the way through to implementation and beyond.  It can be applied in a huge range of projects, from small HMI changes to new airspace designs or the development of controller support tools.

The importance of a solid validation process is often under-appreciated.  A well-defined and proven validation methodology can:

  • Help derive requirements
  • Address/balance stakeholder needs
  • Ensure safety
  • Decrease risk
  • Save money
  • Help ensure we build the right system


What can we do to help?

Validation covers many disciplines. Depending on your need, we can offer help in a variety of forms:
Validation Expertise
  • If you have a validation question we can help. We have supported every stage of the validation process from early maturity R&D projects to large scale implementation systems projected for 2035 and beyond.
  • We have the experience to scope validation strategies within your project or programme constraints, while still generating the evidence required by your stakeholders to establish fitness-for-purpose.
  • We can lead validation activities across the entire project, planning, conducting, analysing and reporting on your validation activity.
  • We are experienced in the full range of validation techniques from low cost, low fidelity modelling, to large scale network wide trials.
Validation Training
  • We have specialised in validation since our foundation and are recognised experts in the field.
  • Having co-written the E-OCVM across several versions, we have also given training courses to hundreds of ATM staff for different levels of expertise. This ranges from short one day courses in understanding validation, to applying specialised skills in project specific processes.
  • We can empower your organisation to perform valuable validation processes, broadening capabilities and reducing development/implementation costs
SESAR Validation
  • We understand SESAR and we understand Validation. We have supported several member organisations across Europe in dozens of SESAR validation projects since the Definition Stage through SESAR 1 and into SESAR 2020.
  • We are known to provide deliverables in line with SJU expectations at a substantially lower effort and cost. This de-risks SESAR involvement and improves that chance of your concepts reaching V3 maturity and beyond.
Use Case Specific Evidence
  • We can help provide targeted assurance and evidence to support decision making. we manage user and stakeholder involvement and requirements and tailor information capture and reporting to key decision makers.
  • We have a range of qualified staff whose experience includes the following cases:
    • Human Performance Case
    • Safety Case
    • Business Case
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Cyber Security Assessment




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