If an organisation is investing in change to their ATM system, it is important to be assured that the changes will deliver the benefits for which they have been designed – otherwise a lot of time, money and effort will have been wasted.

The application of a well-defined and proven Validation Methodology is an important tool in assessing any changes to the ATM Operational Concept. Validation proves ‘fitness-for-purpose’ of the end product, regardless of whether that product is a physical component, an airspace redesign, an implemented procedure or system or any other new operational concept. It answers the question “will my new system work in a safe and efficient manner that is acceptable to the users?”.

The application of a validation methodology throughout the development lifecycle has been shown to reduce the overall cost of the system’s implementation. In addition, the benefits of the system will be assured prior to its implementation.

For these reasons, programmes such as SESAR now adopt a validation based approach – with the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM) forming the backbone of the programme.


What can we do to help?

At Think Research we echo the approach described in the E-OCVM. Why? Because we co-wrote it! We co-authored the E-OCVM in collaboration with EUROCONTROL and, as such, can state to have literally written the book on it!

Our involvement in the development of the E-OCVM has ensured we possess an extensive, detailed understanding of the subject that cannot be found elsewhere. Even so, we are continually enhancing our skills though our internal research and development programmes to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this important discipline.

As a company, Think Research has been specialising in ATM Concept Validation since 2004; some of our team have been involved in ATM validation activities since the 1990s. Our unrivalled experience has been recognised by the SESAR JU who have awarded us Associate Partner Status for Validation.

We have provided validation expertise to European ANSPs, international agencies such as EUROCONTROL and the FAA and to industrial suppliers. We have supported every stage of the validation process on projects ranging from current day systems to those projected for implementation in 2035.

Think Research are involved in the production of validation deliverables on a daily basis. We speak and write in the language of validation. In fact we are proud to say that we helped define it.

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