At Think Research, we understand ATM systems – technically and operationally. We apply that understanding to help you achieve a benefit, whether it is a gain in capacity, efficiency, usability or any other performance area.

We work with clients and their stakeholders to identify how their system needs to perform, and how we can make it happen. Small changes can bring a large benefit and our experience in operational assessments and systems improvements can help you achieve that potential as quickly as possible.

Behind this understanding, especially in today’s digital ATM environment it the analysis of large quantities of operational data – Analytics.  Analytics is a combination of the traditional discipline of Operations Research and modern computing power and capabilities.  It is the use of advanced analytical methods to help airport and ATM stakeholders make better decisions


What can we do to help?

We pride ourselves on our ATM operational knowledge. Many of our staff come from an operational background such as pilots or controllers. Others are statisticians, engineers, analysts and researchers.  With an emphasis on human technology interaction and practical applications, Analytics arrives at optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems. Combined with our ATM operations expertise, this creates a powerful tool to improve the performance of your operations. Our analytics models are built to be shared across a client’s computers, teams and projects without any restrictions. We favour open source solutions such as high level programming languages (Python, R) and low cost COTS packages like MATLAB and even Excel.  Our experienced team has used this approach to develop successful models for: blunder risk analysis for a new runway; airport surface movements and benefits of A-SMGCS; monte carlo simulation for wake reclassification; and the effect of wind farms on air traffic radar. All these models use the same low cost approach to produce high class results. Bespoke comes as standard.

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