Throughout December and January, Think ATM Consultant Sarah McLarty, has been busy leading a set of Real Time Simulations (RTS), helping to develop and assess a tool which aims to increase awareness of traffic soon to be within a controller’s area of responsibility.  Working with NATS R&D department, Safety and Human Performance Experts, two sets of RTS took place in London TC and Prestwick Lower airspace with 10 controllers.

By integrating a subset of information, critical to short term planning, from peripheral screens onto the radar display, the new tool aimed to increase head’s up time and also improve controller situational awareness.

Sarah is currently now leading the production of the Validation Report to investigate if the anticipated benefits come to fruition!

Sarah Dow, Advanced Tools and Concept Lead in the R&D department at NATS says:

‘Sarah has been a key member of the team helping to develop and validate the tool providing high-quality support and deliverables. She has integrated well within the NATS R&D team and worked very effectively with colleagues across the multiple departments involved in the development and validation of the tool. Thank you for your valuable input.’