For civil aviation, ensuring safety of aircraft operations is essential. For airports that means they need to take a rigorous approach to the assessment of changes to their airfield operations, ATM, infrastructure and working practices of those present on the apron. This requires a solid understanding of the latest methodologies for safety assessment, national and international regulations together with the ability to get stakeholders to work effectively to identify hazards.


What can we do to help?

Whilst many consultants can help you produce a safety case to install a new ILS or radar,  not many can help you plan, assess and implement a world first operational concept into one of the world’s busiest airports requiring robust safety assessment, detailed consideration of the target level of safety and intricate collision risk modelling. We can.  We’re fully conversant with UK, European and international safety management standards and practices and work with typical approaches such as Goal Structuring Notation.

Our team can assist you in undertaking:

  • Conceptual safety assessments.
  • Implementation Safety Cases for new operational concepts and technologies.
  • Complex collision risk modelling.
  • Assessment of public safety zones.
  • Human performance impact assessments & human factors studies.
  • Development of scaleable aerodrome safety management systems and safety assessment approaches.

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