At Think safety science is the process of applying statistical or other analytical techniques to check, describe, transform, evaluate and visualise safety data and information to support data-driven decision-making. This is conducted by our safety experts and data analysts who provide unique operational insight through systematic data exploration to discover insights which may not be immediately apparent or easily explained.

Safety analysis relies on examining direct safety data, such as occurrence reports, but also on all types of operational, performance and geometric data which can be examined to gain deeper insight into risks.

Safety science helps to ensure that safety information is fully understood and used in the correct way to discover useful information and suggest conclusions. Our safety analysis can consider the entire operational environment and help to link data sources not previously correlated.

Such safety data and analysis can be used to support and strengthen safety case evidence.

The type of safety analysis required will be dependent upon the level of risk, the nature of the operation and on what information and data is available. Think can apply bespoke models or transform the outputs from off the shelf tools such as fast time simulation. Some of the tools our safety and analytical experts will use to conduct analysis and improve the overall understanding of the safety implications, include:

  • Traditional safety analysis tools such as: Fault tree, Event tree and Bow tie;
  • Tailored performance metrics and indicators;
  • Bespoke Modelling;
  • Bespoke Dashboards;
  • Bespoke Monte Carlo Simulation;
  • Bespoke Fast Time Simulation;
  • Precise algorithms.

Safety science can help you to:

  • better describe and present a proposed change to a stakeholder;
  • evaluate different options and reveal additional options not previously considered;
  • examine how sensitive a change is to e.g., aircraft performance, geometry, metrological conditions and time.

Every time we conduct a piece of safety analysis or produce a bespoke operational model for a client the data is carefully calibrated and tailored to each unique operation. Think’s safety analysis goes beyond traditional safety analysis techniques and enables us to use data in a precise way to produce safety tools, safety evidence and support safety cases.


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