The smooth interaction between humans and the other components of your operational system is critical in delivering an effective, cost efficient and safe service to your customers. This is especially so when implementing a new solution, as the predicted benefits cannot be realised it is not suitable for use by the end user.


The consideration of Human Factors throughout the development and implementation phases can identify potential issues while still in the early stages, and also take advantage of your staff’s expert insight to improve the final solution. In the later stages of maturity, Human Performance assessment can be applied within the Validation process to determine overall usability, confirm performance benefits such as workload and situational awareness, and identify key considerations for the transition into operations. Once your solution is in place, our team can carry out follow-up assessments to verify improvements and highlight any issues with integration.



At Think, we have a history of incorporating a human-centric approach into everything we do. Investigation of Human Factors yields most value when applied from initial concept development through to post-implementation support. It is only through the consistent involvement of the end users that a solution can be introduced without unexpected negative impacts to Human Performance and user acceptability. By confirming that the new demands of the solution fall within human capabilities, a change process can be considerably de-risked.


By including Human Factors experts in your project team, we can develop a user-centred approach to ensure that the human operator will benefit from the solution rather than be hindered by it. This involves regular consultation with users and stakeholders to positively inform development. This role later shifts to assessment at increasing levels of fidelity to expose any shortcomings in the human-machine interaction. This can range from workshops and paper exercises, to real-time simulation and shadow-mode trials, depending on the solution in question. We can provide the assurance you need that your investment will bear fruit.