The success of any operation within the aviation industry hinges on applying Human Factors (HF) principles correctly. Addressing HF implications is essential to avoiding pitfalls that could undermine operational performance when introducing a concept for an operational improvement, a prototype undergoing formal validation or a system already deployed for some time.

Although the application of HF within an Air Traffic Management (ATM) or Airport context is often limited to the assessment of Human Performance (HP), HF approaches and methodologies can be employed to great effect within all aspects of operational and non-operational processes. Time and time again, it is demonstrated that applying HF practices comprehensively and early on in any initiative is highly cost-effective in the long run and can steer a project towards success before issues become insurmountable.

Across the industry, HF has become increasingly recognised as a vital capability in ensuring that performance targets are met and changes can be made without detrimental impacts. HF is now a fully-integrated component of the SESAR programme alongside the assessment of safety, security and performance. Several ANSPs, airports and airlines have also established in-house HF teams to meet their needs. For those that haven’t, or need flexible additional support, Think can help!




At Think, we champion the integration of HF expertise into every project, always to the satisfaction of our clients. Based on the proven added value of HF within previous projects, our consultants take a human-centric approach to any process. We are able to recognise elements within ongoing and upcoming projects for which consideration of HF can provide crucial value, may it be within the design process, validation or post-implementation.

Think consultants also have the critical operational knowledge, which can be married with HF expertise to be able to propose practical solutions to highly complex problems. While our consultants have experience in applying a range of techniques that are suitable in an aviation context, we are also able to develop our own bespoke methods when suitable to the situation.