When it comes to Real-Time Simulation, Think’s experience is unrivalled among ATM and Airport consultancies.  We have conducted over 150 RTS all over the world on a wide range of RTS platforms.  These have included dozens of SESAR RTS for a variety of European ANSPs for concepts of differing maturity, and testing prototypes of various controller support tools in both the TMA and en-route environments.  We don’t just use simulation in R&D and also use RTS as a final validation before implementation, gaining user acceptance and assisting with controller training.  We have helped to mature concepts towards implementation and adapt them for individual operational environments and supported airspace change projects in Europe and the Middle East,.

When it comes to RTS, we bring our own blend of scientific rigour and practical experience.  For these activities to be conducted, our experts take a step-by-step approach:

      • Plan a simulation: We can advise you on the most suitable simulation method to choose based on the current maturity within the concept lifecycle and to ensure you get the maximum return on investment. In engaging all key stakeholders, we will help you to develop the right objectives and the success criteria and experimental design to elicit the results you need.
      • Prepare a simulation: We can assist in the preparation of data for the simulation and all relevant documentation such as exercise design, data collection and analysis plans.
      • Run the simulation: We have a wealth of experience when it comes to running simulation activities. We will ensure the activity runs smoothly, reacting to changes and demonstrating flexibility. We have a wide range of knowledge with many of our team having backgrounds in engineering and air traffic control, enabling us to engage with the simulation participants and/or stakeholders. We will collect the data required to obtain the results you require.
      • Report on the simulation: Once the simulation is completed and all the data collected, we can analyse the data using a wide range of techniques to produce the results. We can produce data, analyse outputs with speed and accuracy and present the results in a comprehensive report, all in a short time frame. We place a major emphasis on making our reports useful, relevant and understandable. 

We adapt our approach to the specifics of your project needs.  Whatever the concept stage or system requirements, we are here to help. 


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