The impacts of aviation noise coupled with the rise of social media are presenting airports with new challenges in successfully managing their growth. Previously disparate members of the community are now able to easily join together and campaign against airspace change, airport growth and night flights. Many airports with previously good community relations now find themselves the target of campaign groups, armed with the most successful anti-aviation tactics from around the world. For airport management this can be a significant distraction as many of the issues raised are largely intractable when balanced against the economic benefits of aviation to their regions, but they require on-going management.


What can we do to help?

Our team has wide experience of working on noise issues for some of the world’s biggest international airports and we have a wealth of knowledge regarding the state of the art in airport noise management. We know that for an airport to successfully grow it needs to carefully manage noise through a combination of best practice noise management, meaningful and honest community engagement and an evidential approach to external stakeholders such as investors and political stakeholders. We can help you by:

  • Benchmarking your noise management activities against best practice.
  • Helping you to develop robust noise action plans. 
  • Undertaking independent reviews and audits to provide demonstrable evidence of your efforts to communities and politicians.
  • Undertaking noise modelling using industry standard tools, but an innovative mindset.
  • Supporting the analysis of noise and track keeping system and noise monitor data.
  • Understanding the noise impact of airspace changes, prior to IFP design to prevent unintended consequences of moving noise.
  • Providing support to community engagement and noise forums.

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