Asia Pacific Conference Venue 2022A few weeks ago, during the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2022 in Goa, we learnt more about ANS provision in APAC and the challenges that the actors in the region are facing.

It was announced during the conference that Think Research will work hand in hand with Poh Theen Soh, CANSO Director Asia Pacific Affairs, to support development of the region’s plans for a seamless ANS system through enhanced collaboration between ANSPs. It is expected that seamless ANS will be underpinned by modernisation, specifically with digitalisation as a catalyst. The study will consult with a wide range of stakeholders, including ANSPs and industry, to explore the current situation, confirm future ambitions and determine which options are fit-for-purpose.

The study will culminate with the development of a CANSO White Paper in 2023 on “New ANS collaboration opportunities arising from greater digitalisation” that aims to raise awareness and motivate regional ANSPs to adopt new ways of improving performance and overcoming challenges together.”