Last month at World ATM Congress in Madrid, Michelle Bishop (Director, Programmes at CANSO) and Think Principal Consultant, Nick Boud, officially launched a new independent Environmental Accreditation Programme – GreenATM.

The new programme has been designed to reduce the direct environmental impact of ANSPs worldwide and facilitate further improvements in the efficiency of flight for airspace users.

ANSPs who sign up to GreenATM will be evaluated on their current environmental programmes and achievements in reducing environmental impacts through the management of infrastructure, business operations and services provided to airspace users. GreenATM assesses performance across 4 categories:

  1. Governance
  2. Improved ATM
  3. Infrastructure & Utilities
  4. Other

Within each category there are a set of topics sub-divided into 5 levels of maturity, that each applicant will be evaluated against in accordance with how they are currently performing within each topic. Depending on their final aggregate score each ANSP will be awarded one of the 5 Accreditation levels accordingly.

GreenATM is due to open to applications in fall 2022, at that time ANSPs that have expressed an interest to join the programme will receive a comprehensive guide to the programme and an assessment questionnaire which will need to be submitted together with supporting documentary evidence demonstrating compliance across each topic. The final accreditation will be awarded by a new GreenATM Panel formed from senior ANSP executives and CANSO staff.

Here at Think we have been involved in the programme from the initial ideas and concept stage and have worked closely with CANSO to shape, refine and launch the final Programme. As Secretary of GreenATM, Think are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the programme which includes independently evaluating applications and presenting final recommendations of Accreditation levels to the CANSO GreenATM Panel.

Nick Boud, who has been leading the Think Team on this programme says:


“GreenATM provides an amazing opportunity to recognise the progress ANSPs are making to minimise the impact of aviation on the environment and climate change, and to encourage ANSPs to identify further improvements they can make to  mature their environmental and sustainability programmes. I am proud to be involved with GreenATM, I am excited about its launch and have belief it will make a positive contribution.”

Nick at the CANSO stand at World ATM Congress