This month, Hanna Neroj will be attending the Ergonomics & Human Factors Conference 2022 which is being held by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomic and Human Factors in Birmingham. The event will be exploring novelties in tools and techniques used for Human Performance assessment.

Hanna will be presenting her research along with Dr. Jim Nixon from the Centre for Safety and Accident Investigation at Cranfield University. The presentation will focus on exploring a method to increase new workload scale sensitivity by measuring the distances between each scale category, as well as applying fuzzy sets theory. Fuzzy logic, in engineering widely used in control systems such as temperature regulators, or artificial intelligence, has much wider potential of application, especially for complex psychological constructs, such as mental workload.

If you’re already attending, make sure to pop in to Tools & Techniques presentations at 15:30 on 26th April 2022. More information about the session can be found here.