Senior ATM Consultant

Areas of expertise: Airports & Safety

Rory is an ATM Consultant whose primary expertise is in the areas of safety assessment, Remote and Digital Tower operations and requirements engineering. With a background in Airport Planning and Management and previously an ATCO trainee for NATS, he has worked on a wide range of Remote and Digital Tower projects involving concept development, cost benefit analysis and requirements derivation. Rory co-authored the SESAR operational concept for remote and virtual tower and helped to run, plan and report on seven remote tower real time simulations. Rory has experience developing operational, functional and technical requirements for complex systems and European standardisation organisations and is familiar with applying the agile scrum framework to large projects. Rory has led safety assessments for large airports considering complex changes to their airside and runway systems. This has included hazard identification, stakeholder workshops, risk modelling and producing safety arguments. Rory is also experienced in supporting clients in engaging with their regulator and investigating novel concepts to control risk.

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