Rory Hedman, Sarah McLarty and Elizabet Pavlova will be presenting at the ‘Improving efficiency through remote and digital towers’ CANSO Academy series. The webinar series is being moderated by our MD, Conor Mullan and will include contributions from key industry professionals.

The webinar series is being delivered across 3 sessions with Part 1 being held virtually at 13:00- 14:00 on Tuesday 19th January,  Part 2 to take place on 2nd February and Part 3 on 16th February 2021.  In Part 1, Elizabet and Rory’s role will be to provide an overview of the recently produced CANSO Remote & Digital Tower guidance material with Sarah sharing her insights on how validation plays a vital role in Remote & Digital Tower implementation.

Click here for more information about the webinar series, the main aims and to register for the event:







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