Rory Hedman, Think ATM ConsultantLast week Think hosted the 4th meeting of the CANSO Smart Digital Tower Taskforce (SDT TF). The meeting had originally been scheduled to take place in Bucharest over two days. However, in light of the ongoing pandemic a series of virtual meetings were held instead.

Think ATM and airport consultant Rory Hedman and Taskforce Chairperson Niclas Gustavsson led the meetings and were both pleased to see so many SDT TF members participate from their homes. Members discussed the draft guidelines for implementing Digital Towers, prepared by Think from members contributions. Following the meeting the Taskforce remains committed to original timelines and hope to have final materials published for the CANSO membership later this year.

CANSO Operations Programme Manager Coleen Hawrysko, who was able to attend some of the two days meeting, commented:

“I was so very impressed with the level of commitment and participation from SDT TF members around the world! It was very encouraging and motivating to see the important work of the TF continue during this unprecedented disruption in our lives. My genuine appreciation to the team and I look forward to publishing their products soon!”

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