Between July 2019 and March 2020, Think Consultant Jonathan Twigger held the role of Solution Lead for the Wake Turbulence Separation Optimisation SESAR Solution (PJ.02-01) on behalf of NATS. He submitted the PJ.02-01 data pack to the H2020 portal on 31st March, having undergone the SJU’s maturity assessment process. This was the culmination of three years of work, involving around a dozen partner organisations across Europe and an equal number of validation exercises. As such, coordinating the production of deliverables and progress towards target concept maturity for the eight operational concepts (V2/V3) was a significant undertaking. In parallel to solution-level management, Jonathan also oversaw NATS’ contributions.  

Recently, SJU programme management notified that all of the operational concepts achieved their targeted maturity levels. While several aspects of PJ.02-01 can now be deployed into operations, the concepts will be further advanced within various Wave 2 Industrial Research and Very Large-scale Demonstration projects. The wake-risk monitoring solution will likely undergo further development to achieve full maturity, although it may skip Wave 2.

Regarding Jonathan’s leadership of the solution, NATS R&D Team Lead Claire Pugh said:

“Thank you Jonathan for all your work in achieving this successful outcome for PJ.02-01 which has been a large and complex solution both in terms of number of concepts as well as number of partners. Your calm and steady approach has meant that I have had full confidence in your leadership of this solution.