Our team works day in and day out with major ANS providers and airports helping them in various aspects of the procurement process. We can assist the procurement of individual services and systems through to helping make broadly scoped operational concepts into a reality. From requirements capture, through to validation of operational systems in service we can support all aspects of your procurement process.

What can we do to help?

Airports and ANS providers of all sizes can need help with specialist procurements, especially when new emerging technologies such as SESAR solutions, Remote and Digital Towers and complex services such as airspace change are involved. Faced with a variety of solutions, suppliers and unclear standards it can be essential to get the right advice to avoid expensive procurement mistakes. We help organisations of all sizes get to grips with procurement.

Our work in procurement support often starts at an early stage as a client is looking at how they can use a technology or solution to meet a specific operational need. We work to help with the operational concept development to ensure that what is being procured will meet the operational requirement. Subsequently we can assist with the capture of requirements, production of tender documentation and supplier appraisal. Importantly, much of our work revolves around validating that the delivered solution provides the operational benefits sought at the concept stage.

Our team can provide:
• Operational concept development.
• Specialists in the planning and organisation of ATC real time simulations.
• Requirements capture and management.
• Tender documentation production.
• Tender process management including OJEU compliance.
• An independent customer’s friend role.
• Verification and validation of delivered tools and systems

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