From the 16th to the 22nd of September many politicians, companies and individuals celebrated this year’s European Mobility Week, ironically, in a year where mobility has been reduced to unprecedented levels. As a result, this year we are more aligned than we have ever been to the week’ motto of: zero emissions.

The various lockdowns across Europe have proven mobility in all its forms to be a “human right” and a cornerstone of Europe’s economy. However, it is our responsibility both as individuals and as a society to make sustainable choices when exercising our right to travel.

The European Commission’s Green Deal sets the right direction with its aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 55% below 1990 levels by 2030 and for Europe to become the first carbon-neutral continent.

The aviation industry and, in particular, the ATM industry needs to put the environment at the centre. The new SES2+ proposals include the concept of modulating ANS charges according to the environment footprint for the airspace users. According to last years’ figures about 6% of the gate to gate CO2 emissions could have been avoided. However, caring about the environment is much more than just being carbon-neutral, it is about planning a sustainable long-term modernisation of the industry.

As citizens of Europe and ATM consultants, we recognise the importance of putting the environment at the centre of EU and national policy – particularly in transport.  We need to shift the focus further to multi-modal mobility so that as individuals we can understand the trade-off between personal efficiency and the environment every time we buy a ticket.

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