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We believe coming into a new place always brings along the same questions: What is it going to be like? Am I going to like  it? Will I get along with my colleagues? Of course, coming to an interview before you start already gives you a sense of what it would be like. We expected an ambitious company with not only a bunch of experts but people who care about the work environment and most importantly, making everybody feel comfortable enough to fulfil their dreams. As it turned out we couldn’t have been more right. Think opened their heart to us even before starting. They offered us any help we needed to settle in Bournemouth.

Our Story

Let us give you some context to our story, we are two young, ambitious and full of energy Spanish ladies who came to Bournemouth to stretch our comfort zone we had built in Spain, with a bucket full of dreams regarding aviation and engineering, of course! So, imagine us, coming from warm Spain to cold England in March, with no place to live and no furniture. With a hotel booked for a month, one of our colleagues kindly offered her mums home to us until we found somewhere to start our new life and adventure in Bournemouth.

It continued to be this way and still is. The truth about Think is that is a welcoming company, full of positivity and endless things to do and learn from. Despite its relaxed atmosphere, it has a dynamic daily life where no two days are the same. Where you can get involved in different roles amongst projects concerning a wide range of topics. Each person in the company supports you as much as they can but at the same time, they get you involved from day one. They have trusted us in delivering small and medium level tasks since joining which has made us feel confident and that in turn has brought us a feeling of happiness and relief.

Think Coaches

During this starting process in the company, our coaches are the ones that most commit in assuring our happiness at the company and within our roles. In this period, they have involved us in different areas, projects and techniques. All of these has been done by keeping us involved in a variety of projects, leading us into gaining new skills, finding out what we enjoy and what we don’t. Of course, we are supported with guidance in order to broaden our horizons and make us ready for the wide challenges that we will face in this competitive industry.  All in all, our coaches are the ones who put most effort in making us the consultants we strive to be.

As consultants, we have already been involved in different projects both airports and ATM related. These projects go from internal R&D where we are developing programming and analytics skills to external projects with clients such as EUROCONTROL, Gatwick & NATS.  We are already strengthening and widening our air traffic knowledge and improving our problem-solving and researching skills. At the same time all these projects have been going on, we have undertaken a series of internal training sessions about hot topics such as Time-Based Separation, Air Traffic Control, Validation and Modelling, etc. We have also been involved in the Analytics team where they are demonstrating the importance of innovation and keeping an eye on the future developments within the industry.

The Future

If we think about our future expectation it is always difficult to plan far ahead for someone who has just started. However, we are highly motivated, and we can’t wait for what’s to come. First, we would like to get involved in a variety of projects with a totally different nature and afterwards decide the path we want our careers to follow. Anyway, it is comforting to know that we will always have a great team next to us that supports any path we take inside the aviation world.


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Authors: Irene Bravo & Maribel Tomas, ATM Consultants