ATM Consultant

Irene is an ATM and Airports consultant at Think Research QFZ.  She has a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and completed an internship at INECO on UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management).  Her expertise lies in Validation and Simulation and she has performed airport terminal analysis through Fast Time Simulation from regional to large-scale international airports.

In addition, she has provided Validation support in Real Time Simulation (RTS) Activities and has led the development of SESAR Wave 2 PJ.02 Solution 14 deliverables.  By combining her experience on Validation, Simulation and UTM, she has been involved in the Validation of an UAS simulator looking at the wider operational picture. 

She currently provides her validation expertise in the oversight and delivery of a large-scale international project that involves capacity enhancement solutions, airspace redesign and procurement of new equipment.



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