Think Managing Director, Conor Mullan, will be leading a panel discussion during the Airport Development and Sustainability conference stream at Airport Exchange 2019 in Abu Dhabi next week. Conor will be leading the ‘Digital Towers Panel’ which will discuss the cost benefits of remote towers and merits of the current solutions on the market.

Innovation is often about change while sustainability is about trying to maintain what we have so one of the main aims of the discussion will be to identify how we can strike the perfect balance between the two within the industry.  The panel will aim to move the debate forward and will discuss:

    • Innovation: The ways in which we can move forward from a technology perspective in order to make airports more sustainable, from both an operator and passenger perspective.
    • Sustainability: Can the concepts as they are today – and as they are planned for the future – achieve what they set out to achieve? Does the concept make airports more economically sustainable for both the operator and ANSP?
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