This week two of our Think ATM Consultants attended a ‘speed networking’ careers events at QE School in Wimborne. Rory Hedman and Sarah Cavanagh joined a group of 20 Employers from the Dorset area to speak to 400 Year 9 students all in one morning! The aim of the session was to give the students a chance at meeting and speaking to different Employers about their current role and how they ended up in that particular industry. Gatsby Benchmark 5 (the benchmarks by which schools’ careers support is measured for Ofsted’ states that:


      ‘every student should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace’                                    

    ‘every student should participate in at least one meaningful encounter with an employer every year between the years 7-13’.

Rory and Sarah had the chance to tell their story about their journey to becoming Air Traffic Management Consultants. The students asked lots of great questions and you never know, we may see some of them again in the future applying for a career at Think!

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