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Concept Development

The thought of replacing an ATM system, either in part or in full, can be daunting. We help guide ANSPs through this process, making sure that the right jobs are being done at the right time to achieve a safe, acceptable, on-time and on-budget implementation.


Simulation is a capability at the core of our services. It allows you to test new concepts, systems or operators in a realistic way without using your actual platform or compromising operational safety


In today‚Äôs digital ATM environment one of the most useful tools in understanding your ATM Operations is Analytics.  Through the use of advanced analytical methods Think can help airport and ATM stakeholders make better decisions.


Applying a recognised and respected validation methodology will help you ensure that the new system or concept you are developing is fit-for-purpose. 


Increasingly, airports are seeking to implement new technologies and operational concepts that span the airfield and ATM domains. Demonstrating safety in a multi-stakeholder, multi-SMS domain can be challenging.  We can help.

Airspace Change

The airspace change process is complex and ever evolving. How does an airport navigate these challenges and deliver the changes needed to unlock capacity?

Airport and ATM Performance

From airspace capacity, runway capacity and ATM performance through to terminal capacity and operation there are various aspects of airport and ATM performance that can be optimised to help airports grow and improve their passenger experience.   


Successfully buying and implementing airfield and ATM systems can be a challenge. Suppliers offer a plethora of solutions and services but how do you know which is best for your needs, financially and operationally?  

Aviation Noise Management

We can help airports ensure that they are following best international practices in the management of their noise impacts and seek creative ways to improve the noise environment for nearby residents.


There are many competing investments that airport and airport ANS provider can make, but which should be the priority and which are going to add the most to capacity, safety and the bottom line?