Helping clients to make difficult investment decisions is a significant element of our work at the cutting edge of ATM technologies and concepts. We understand that decision making is a multi-faceted problem and our work is to help you to understand all of the relevant aspects and risks before committing to invest. As part of that process we have developed strong skills in financial modelling of all forms to support airports, ANS providers, investors and industry. Our knowledge of suppliers and solutions mean that we have access to a range of information and data to support our work.

What can we do to help?

We are experienced in the conduct of cost-benefit analysis for technologies, systems and concepts and are well versed in national and international methodologies within the airport and ATM industry. We can conduct more complex financial and econometric modelling and specialise in the development of ATM related benefit models that incorporate fuel, environmental impacts and the passenger value of time. We have also worked on behalf of investors providing due diligence of technology purchases. We conduct:

  • Cost benefit analysis of new airport and ATM investments.
  • Detailed analytical modelling of ATM benefits using bespoke models and simulations.
  • OPEX & CAPEX efficiency analysis.
  • Cost benchmarking of all aspects of airport operations.
  • Compliance with standard methodologies such as the DfT Green Book, WebTAG and Eurocontrol EMOSIA using our own proprietary framework.
  • Due diligence support on ATM and airport investments

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