In 2008 whilst visiting a human-in-the-loop real time simulation in Europe our customer was lamenting on the lack of an available system for the instantaneous measurement of perceived ATCO workload.  The fact they were using their brand new iPhone 3G to relay their desire for such a modular, portable, touch screen interface system gave us a (somewhat obvious!) idea and our iSA app was born. 

Fastforward 10 years and our app had been downloaded by over two thousand users in 80 countries and had been used for ATM simulations as well as measuring stress among doctors and paramedics in US Emergency Departments.  Sadly the simplicity of the app was its undoing when Apple updated their development environment and our app became incompatible with new iOS. 

We therefore took the decision to completely redesign and rebuild iSA as a cross-platform web based application running from any standard browser.  Local developers Yammayap were awarded the contract and development and testing took place during Summer 2018 before a soft launch in October 2018. 

Our first external client – Hungarocontrol – used the new application in a recent SESAR sim, successfully deploying it across 10 ATCO workstations to collect real time data throughout the simulation. 

If you are interested in using iSA as a low cost and hassle free alternative to building your own workload measurement system then feel free to get in touch via