This month we welcomed Vlad Nasta to the Think Team. Vlad joins us as part of a 12 week virtual placement as part of his Summer Internship Programme from the Air Navigation section within Polytechnic University of Bucharest. As part of his placement Vlad will be providing valuable support to the team on Safety, Human Factors and Validation.

Vlad had this to say about his time at Think so far:

“The opportunity to be a part of the Think team represents an important milestone in my career, as the first working experience is very important for a student, more so if it’s taking place abroad in an international environment. At Think, I got the chance to meet a hard working team of professionals who are always happy to provide valuable guidance and advice whenever is needed.  The work and knowledge that I received so far has already exceeded my expectations. These combined, only made me look forward to what the future of my internship holds.”

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