Last month on the 18th September we held our very first Think seminar in the very apt setting of the Royal Air Force Club in Piccadilly, London. We wanted to make our inaugural event a little different to the normal by combining the areas of ATM and Airports together rather than treating them as separate entities. It is our strong belief that ATM and Airport integration will only become stronger in the future, and it gave us a really varied and diverse audience across the two areas.  This, in turn, led to some really interesting debates, insights and discussions on our selected topics throughout the day.

Our main purpose for holding the event was not to ‘talk shop’ and to present our audience with realms of information about Think and what we have to offer, but to create an opportunity to have an open and frank discussion about the future of ATM and airports and the upcoming challenges that are faced.  Our mantra for the day was “move the debate forward”.

We had a total of 35 attendees from across the UK and Europe from organisations such as the IAA, SESAR JU, Skyguide, BULATSA, McLaren Deloitte, ACR Sweden, Saab D-ATS and Manchester Airport to name but a few. With two Keynote Speaker presentations from SESAR JU and ADB Safegate together with five presentations from the Think team we were able to discuss a wide range of hot topics from digital towers, AI, the digital apron 2025, future airspace architecture, innovation and many more.

With so many positive comments received during and after the event, we are already planning for next years.

Reception area of the Think Seminar

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