2018 saw a few staff changes at Think with new joiners at graduate, middle and director level.  Sadly we also saw a few of our colleagues move on to exciting, new opportunities and we can feel proud of the part we have played in their success, as they have played their own part in ours. 

2019 therefore sees the recruitment process continuing apace and we are pleased to announce that throughout February and March 4 new staff will be joining. 

Catherine Mason is an experienced analyst from the cloud-based telecoms sector with a background in maths, operational research, simulation and optimisation. 

Irene Bravo and Maribel Tomas are both recent Aerospace Engineering graduates from the very highly regarded Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.  Irene’s studies included a placement with INECO and a focus on Unmanned Traffic Management.  Maribel interned at EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre and CRIDA focusing on the use of Machine Learning in Adaptative and Dynamic Traffic & Trajectory Prediction. 

Finally, Lucy Wignall joins Think as our first ever Marketing Manager!  We have lagged behind other consultancies in terms of marketing for many years now and while we have no wish to start screaming from the rooftops, we would at least like to shine a light on some of the work we do and the bright young staff we have.  Lucy has 13 years’ experience in marketing and we are delighted to have her on board. 

All in all a great start to 2019 and we look forward to welcoming all four into the team. 

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