EUROCONTROL has selected Think Research to provide validation, human factors and simulation support to its Real-Time-Simulation for DHMİ’s FRATURK (Turkish Free Routes Airspace) project.  With 12 weeks of simulation including 23 measured sectors and close to 400 ATCO, this simulation conducted at EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre will be one of the biggest ever worldwide.

With a forecast of Turkey doubling the European levels of air traffic between 2019 and 2025, the purpose of this RTS is to validate the operability of Free Route Airspace (FRA) within the Turkish FIRs, in order to assist DHMI to decide on the most suitable airspace configurations that supports FRA.

The contract awarded to Think is a multi-year support contract which will involve Think placing an experienced consultant on-site at the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre in Brétigny.  This continues Think’s support at Brétigny where on-site and remote consultants have been supporting EUROCONTROL’s simulation projects for over 10 years.

Think’s MD Conor Mullan said: “We are delighted to be able to continue our support to EUROCONTROL. With our background co-authoring the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM) and having planned, conducted, analysed and reported on over 120 RTS over the last decade we were hopeful that our experience made us the perfect fit for this position.  In addition, the long history of Think working closely with EUROCONTROL on a wide range of projects has demonstrated our constant delivery of quality results to the highest standards. We are honoured and excited to help EUROCONTROL deliver one of the biggest simulations ever seen in Europe.”

Bernd Lorenz- Human Factors Team Leader at EUROCONTROL said:“I have always experienced that Think’s ATM consultants provide a high-quality validation service to our diverse real-time simulation projects.  They integrate well into our team of operational, technical and human factors experts and provide excellent and on-schedule service deliverables. This project will be challenging and we are glad that Think supports the team with a competent validation expert on-site.”  

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