It seems that competition can find a place just about anywhere in today’s modern society…from which supermarket can create the best chocolate caterpillar cake to which company says it best on their social media channels and even long-standing brand wars. The world of paint has also joined the hustle.

The news last week reported that scientists in the US have developed what they claim to be the whitest white paint which is said to reflect a staggering 98% of sunlight. That’s all very interesting and the scientific applications are potentially very valuable, but I know you are all wondering  where the pinkest pink paint comes from.

Think went pink in 2011 and there must be something in the sea air because here in Bournemouth in 2016 local artist Stuart Semple created the pinkest pink. Stuart set about creating the pinkest paint in response to hearing about Anish Kapoor (another British artist) who acquired exclusive rights to use ‘Vantablack’, the blackest black pigment ever created which is said to absorb 99.6% of light.

Like a few other artists, Stuart was angered that no one else was able to use it, so in response he created his pinkest pink paint which would be available to all. He even went as far as banning Anish from purchasing or using the paint and even included a note on the website which asks you to state that you are not purchasing the product on behalf of Anish.

So it turns out we are very pink, but not actually the pinkest pink to ever come out of Bournemouth!