The Client

Major European ANSP

The Challenge

As part of their SESAR commitment, a large ANSP required assistance to develop, describe and document a novel concept for a TMA and Lower En-route PBN operational environment.  The concept had to be fit-for-purpose in a vertically and laterally constrained airspace and include the use of Conformance Monitoring Tools, Conflict Detection and Resolution Advisories

Our Approach

Think were able to apply their previous experience as one of the most active SME in SESAR1 as well as utilise their operational knowledge of the client’s airspace and operations.  We ran a series of concept development workshops with ATCOs to help mature through the scoping phase and ready for feasibility assessment.  . 

The Outcome

Think produced an Operational and Services Environment Description (OSED) – the standard SESAR document for concept description.  The concept was approved by the client and the wider project team consisting of other EU ANSP and industry partners, as well as gaining approval from stakeholders such as Airspace Users and the SESAR Joint Undertaking.  The outputs will also be used to structure Human Performance and Validation assessments.