At the CANSO’s Annual General Meeting last month in Geneva, Conor Mullan of Think was elected onto the CANSO Executive Committee as an Associate Member representative.  The ExCom, as it is known, is accountable for the overall performance of CANSO, including: the appointment of the Director General; approving the budgets; and reviewing and approving policyand Conor is one of two Associate Members voted onto ExCom to represent the 86 CANSO Associate Members from around the ATM industry.  In an election held in Geneva Conor ran on a platform of humility, empathy, inclusion, objectivity and experience.  He will serve for an initial period of 1 year.


Speaking about his new role Conor said:

“I’m still a bit stuck to express how I am feeling after CANSO Associate Members voted for me to be their representative on the CANSO Executive Committee.  I am definitely honoured, definitely excited, 100% humbled and also a bit scared!  In my nomination speech I promised to represent all members of CANSO; to be fully inclusive and always to be transparent and accessible.  In the coming days and weeks, my immediate priority will be to talk to the CANSO DG, the ExCom and the CANSO members to hear how they want me to fulfil that commitment.”

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