Senior ATM Consultant

Diana is an experienced aviation consultant and qualified aerospace engineer specialised in Safety and Human Factors.  As well as being a Human Factors Specialist, she is an Aviation enthusiast and keen on supporting a variety of industry areas. She has significant technical knowledge and experience in ATM and Airports, running projects from concept development through to validation. She has previously worked with various ATC stakeholder representatives, ANSPs and consultants  and has also been involved in key SESAR projects during her career.

Her most recent work includes leading the stakeholder’s engagement to support a systematic approach with the aim of capturing user needs and undertaking requirements analysis on behalf of airlines, ANS providers and airports. Diana’s proactive and collaborative approach to projects in dynamic and fast-paced environments is a key asset to our team and she often acts as a focal point within complex project by ensuring transversal oversight. Additionally, she has been providing expert advice on Human Factors and User Acceptance criteria for a new Control Tower to ensure that the user needs have been met before transition into new service. Diana’s passions includes Urban Air Mobility and she is currently supporting the validation of a UAS simulator considering wider public acceptance issues.



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